Friday, October 23, 2009

Second Print: A Raft of Chain Links

Second print - this time the drag chain (for supporting and protecting the cable to the extruder.) Thingiverse has a Gcode version of this that prints six on the same raft. The raft didn't stick well, but things appear to have worked. The big flat sections did start cupping a little from the heat, but not enough to affect the final pieces. The cupped-in link points weren't thick enough, and so they're sort of half-bonded together.

The other interesting thing is I learned how much filament it takes to print objects like these. These links took 45 minutes, and used a bit less than 6 feet of ABS filament. I know because I'd only cut 6 feet, and I was starting to fear I'd have to stop the print job before the end got lost inside the plastruder...

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